About Sue



2 x 2019 champion
IFBB bikini Pro
@precisionnutrition Nutritionist
@canfitpro PTS


"I believe in the right time and place for everything. When I need to reach a goal, I go at it."

My name is Sue Le. Thank you for visiting the Fit Balance site. I am the head coach, specialized in Personal Training and Lifestyle Nutritional planning. I am also an internationally certified yoga teacher, Schwinn Indoor Cycling coach and TRX coach.

I used to think working out and extreme dieting would result in me having my dream body. Then I became busy with my businesses, became a mom, and realized that happiness is actually what we should truly be after. Whether it is a physique goal, a dream job, dream house, perfect health - or sometimes simply wanting to get your body to work properly again - it all comes down to the fact that YOU want to be happier: A more fulfilled YOU.

I have experienced 9 to 5 work, entrepreneurship in multiple fields, being a mom, fitness fanatic, and eventually a pro athlete in the International Federation of as a Body Building IFBB Bikini Pro champion. I know what it means to grind - I know the struggles. I can empathize with different lifestyles and situations, and I want to help you, push you, motivate you, inspire you! Be happy and healthy, not just for you, but for the people you care for most. Let's take action and find YOUR balance.